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At first I made a basic shape of a dolphin (as a path) in 4x the size of the original.

Then I made a set of points, each representing a node of the path, and animated them. (the anim was 12 frames)

I made the shape of the dolphin follow the animated points, and filled the shape with blue.

In this animation the guidelines (the points for the path) are still visible. After that, I still had to rework some of the frames, since a few errors were still visible. After that, I airbrushed all 12 frames manually. This was undoubtably the big & hard part of it. I resized the animation to 2x the original size to keep processor use down. (plus, it's a bitch when you switch between Imageready and Photoshop when you have a two megabyte document.)
I added the water effect later on.

After that, I resized the anim to the size you now see it, whacked my name on it and exported it as a *.gif. which resulted in this.



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