If you've reached this page you're propably wondering where those little images are for. You may have noticed that some have artists's names on them, movies, song names...

Every once in a while when I listen to a CD that I like, when I just saw an interesting movie,I think "This (movie/cd/band/song/artist) is really wonderful, I wish more people could enjoy this!" I make a little label out of it. Thanks to a nifty random script by Suho1004 one of them shows up everytime. There's no link, you're all on your own. If you want more information, you could use Google, but every once in a while I make a label out of something that is completely obscure, so your search may not yield any good results. But maybe, one day you'll end up in a CD store, a video rental booth or a comic store and you'll remember a name you read on label. Or not.

Maybe you'll forget it right away, maybe not. Maybe it's my plan for world domination through mind control. We'll see.

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